Short Sea Shipping

Economical, ecological, efficient.

MBS Short Sea carries out short-distance transports in the area of coastal shipping. Our transports are in coastal waters and across relatively short distances. The size of the vessels varies. 

MBS Short Sea transports are the perfect addition to our road transports in Europe. MBS Short Sea transports give our clients the option to economically, reliably, and ecologically move transport goods within Europe.

This allows us to sensibly combine the advantages of domestic shipping, road, and rail as modes of transport.

What can we do for you? Our MBS Short Sea routes connect us to ports in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Mediterranean, and in addition to this, obviously also with our customers through tailor-made, intermodular, door/door transport solutions.

What can you rely on? You can count on nothing being forgotten: fast, affordable, environmentally friendly, and all this for miles and miles – we can do this!



Projects Cargo

Experienced professionals handle the entire process of shipping your special orders via a maritime transportation service.

Break Bulk

We develop specific solutions for you for anything that cannot be shipped in containers.

Dangerous Goods

Specially trained teams of employees look after your particularly sensitive goods.

Customised solutions

The wide range of routing options and our selection of different container types allow us to offer you customised transportation solutions.


Our expertise is the product of many years of practical experience.We have been successful in our work with shipping companies and carriers.


We will give you open and honest advice, provide you with a full personal service and send you a precise transport route description so that you can keep track of everything.


We are on your side!
Feel free to get in touch. We are here to help – at any time and in person!

And don’t forget:
At MBS Logistics, we love a challenge – and nailing it! So don’t be shy – test us with unusual, unconventional or seemingly impossible project proposals. We love taking on assignments with special requirements – be it size, weight, safety, urgency or something else – and love receiving your requests.