Courier-/Xpress Services

Your time matters to us!

Time is one of the most important tools in achieving profitability. Do you require a quick, reliable delivery in order to keep to your schedule? The specialists at MBS are at hand at any time in situations such as these! We develop quick solutions that can also include our Xpress Service, if required.

Xpress: This comprises both domestic and international import, export, cross-trade and air freight courier deliveries. We will develop the appropriate transportation solution for your specific case requirements. No matter if it’s a document or product: We will ensure that you receive your delivery as quickly as possible.

What can we do for you? We act quickly when it really matters and assist you whenever you need us.

What can you count on? You can count on the commitment of our Xpress experts who value your time as highly as their own.


When you select a courier delivery with Xpress service, we will send you the products, documents, spare parts etc. that you require at short notice and as quickly as possible.


By selecting the Xpress option, your priority shipment will be delivered by 10 o’clock on the following work day within Europe and in the shortest time possible outside Europe.


You can rely on MBS:We deliver! And by using our track-and-trace system, you can track your shipment at any time and check the delivery status.


In cases of great urgency, we can send your shipment to its destination in the quickest way possible without any detours for delivery the same day, if time allows it.


In an emergency, we pull out all the stops: We will send experienced on-board couriers to you on a direct, scheduled or charter flight without any detours to anywhere in the world.

No extra costs

Many service providers will charge you extra for this service. At MBS, this is an integral part of the service.Let us know how urgent your delivery is and we’ll pull out all the stops for you!

We are on your side!
Feel free to get in touch. We are here to help – at any time and in person!

And don’t forget:
At MBS Logistics, we love a challenge – and nailing it! So don’t be shy – test us with unusual, unconventional or seemingly impossible project proposals. We love taking on assignments with special requirements – be it size, weight, safety, urgency or something else – and love receiving your requests.

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